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Top E-cig And Vape Brand Reviews

Top E-cig and Vape Brand Reviews

Mt Baker Vapor reviews have been overwhelmingly positive across the Web. In fact, Mt. Baker Vapor specializes in e-liquids, products, and accessories for enjoyable "vaping", Based in the US, the company is synonymous with cheaply priced e-juices -- but with great flavors and results. The brand features a wide array of different e-liquids with 0mg nicotine -- or 24mg for those that need nicotine. With tasty and highly recommended flavors, Mt. Baker has always put its customers first across the board. This is why so many users are leaving positive reviews on Amazon, Google, and across the social media platforms and networks. The company also specializes in hardware units; batteries, starter kits, tanks, RDAs, and even mech mods.

Recent Reviews Based on Studies

Mt Baker Vapor reviews have also reflected the company's recent product tests and studies. In fact, Mt. Baker tested 8 different flavors to coincide with the ongoing positive reviews they have been receiving. According to the recent tests, here are some important findings based on product reviews:

• Mt. Vapor conducted e-liquid tests based on 65% PG and 35% VG.
• E-liquids in 12mg nicotine had zero added flavor shots -- the company wanted to test the e-liquid preferences between those that needed or did not need nicotine.
• Findings showed that heavier VG blends were better with additional flavor shots for optimal enjoyment.
• Findings also showed that steeping the sweeter flavors truly maximized the overall flavor.
• Studies were shared with online partners, consumer research companies, and of course, customers and clients.

Online Reviews -- Price Based Comparisons

Based on past and current online reviews, customers have praised Mt. Baker for the great value on e-liquids. In fact, their standard bottle only costs around $4.99. You can also purchase 30ml bottles at around $8.49 --or the 236ml unit for only $41. This is a true deal form Mt Baker -- one that far surpasses the competition at all levels. Whether for first-time or seasoned vapers, Mt. Baker products are easy to use and guaranteed for maximum enjoyment. Customers also praised the company for offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders $50 and above. With worldwide delivery and a free 10ml sample e-juice, Mt. Baker continues to be a beacon of excellence in the e-cig and vaping industries.

Mt. Baker E-Liquid Reviews

Mt Baker vapor reviews have also highlighted the many flavors available. From Maui Sunrise to Moo Juice, the reviews --once again- have been incredibly positive across the Web. Here are some recent reviews that discussed the Mt Baker flavors from new and seasoned vaping enthusiasts.

Maui Sunrise

Maui Sunrise is among the favorite vapor flavors that customers simply love. With its powerful, tasty tropical fruit blend -- this dazzling flavor continues to receive top reviews across the board. In fact, its aroma -- odors -- and scents capture the true allure and essence of warm summer breezes. Whether at home or on the road, Maui Sunrise is truly the perfect all-day vape. In fact, customers are praising this flavor for its citrusy fruits (orange and pineapple), along with other smooth blends and flavors.

Admiral Berry Crunch

Admiral Berry Crunch is another popular flavor from Mt. Baker Vapor. This refined and delicious blend of tart, sweet berries, and rich cream tastes just like your favorite breakfast cereal! Suffice to say, the review for this flavor has also been overwhelmingly positive. Like the name suggests, Berry Crunch is perfect for morning vaping and is guaranteed to dazzles your taste buds and senses!

Moo Juice

Moo Juice has also received great reviews but is very similar in taste to Admiral Berry Crunch. This popular vape flavor features the perfect blend of sweet strawberries and smooth cream. It also tastes a lot like fresh strawberry ice cream or yogurt on that warm, sunny day. Based on current reviews, it is best to let this flavor steep for a while -- otherwise -- you will get strong popcorn-like aftertaste.

The Verdict

As we have listed above, Mt Baker Vapor reviews are as great as ever. While we have covered some of the top flavors, it is also important to note that Mt Baker vape units are truly user-friendly. They also come with extended batteries, along with USB charger kits. For more information on Mt Baker vapor flavors and kits, simply check the Web today.